Born in Shiraz , 1983

Tonbak musician and teacher

*Masoud Tavrro*

Graduated from the Master of Music from Tehran University of Art

Graduated from Bachelor of Music from Shiraz Art University

Director of the Toloo Music School in Shiraz

Director of the company for the production audio and video of the Aseman Farda


The first place in the Fars Music Festival in 2017 by the band Baran by composing Masoud Tavarro

Awarded the second position of Tonbak solo performance in Fars Music Festival in 2000

He won several first and second places in the Fars Music Festival as a performer of Tonbak

*Educational and executive goals*

Introduction to Rhythmic Motifs in Iranian Music

Teaching Ayyami in Iranian Music

Teacher of Tonbak as a percussion instrument of Iranian music

The evolution of techniques in tonabs in several courses

Elemental Education, South Indian Rhythmic Language

Tonbak solo performance based on rhythmic wording in Iranian music


Participating in the album Avaz Dolab, composed by Alireza Golshan as percussionist

Participated in the album "Rastakhiz" as a musician of Tonbak

*Teaching Experience*

Music professor at Shiraz Azad University since 2016

Master of Music from Shiraz University of Culture and Arts since 2016

Twelve years of teaching the teacher of Tonbak at the school and university

 *Foreign performances*

Participation in the Weimar Music Festival in Germany in 2013

Participation in the music festival in Spain, Germany, Costa Rica in 2015

*Domestic performances*

Participate in numerous music festivals including Fars and Tehran

Working with groups Kheniya , Hengam , Baran , Tarab , Delshodegan , Dosar and top Music Festival Award

My Videos